A light adventure

On Monday evening last, I was bundled into a van and transported to a little peninsula in Wiclow.  I went very, very willingly and bundled Lola (my Gordon setter) in along with me. It wasn’t exactly a surprise but I can’t say a few snapshots on-line prepared me for the spectacular feat that is Wicklow Lighthouse.

This was what I saw when we pulled up outside under the light of a nearly full moon and inside it just got better!

Lighthouse Wicklow, Landmark Trust, Heritage Ireland

Lighthouse Wicklow, Landmark Trust, Heritage Ireland

The lighthouse is part of the collective of properties around Ireland renovated buy the Landmark Trust and Heritage Ireland. Wicklow Lighthouse at Dunbur head was built in 1781.  When the property was taken on by the Landmark Trust it had been gutted by a fire. They lovingly restored it to 6 octagonal floors of charming tranquility set against the tumultuous Irish Sea. It does come with a warning that there are 109 steps from top to bottom so if you are a feather head and tend to forget things on your way out, the 109 steps back up to the kitchen on the top floor will train you to prepare like a girl scout in no time!

Lighthouse Wicklow, landmark trust property, heritage Ireland, two light houses

Restored lighthouse wicklow, heritage Ireland property

The Landmark Trust does a worthy job of aiding the survival of significant historical buildings and bringing them to the realm of the general public with their sustainable development and this alone is worth supporting.  I would highly recommend staying at one of these amazing properties whether you have a great love of architecture and Irish history or you have just always wanted to feel like Rapunzel letting her hair down from a really tall tower window.

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