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The photography studio is located on Wine St in Sligo. We operate by appointment only so we can give our customers our undivided attention. Please call to book a time to come in and see us.  

The photography studio is located on Wine St. at the cross roads with  Adelaide St./ Union St. I have attached a google map below. It is a cut stone building & you will see my logo above the black door beside the traffic lights. Please ring the buzzer for admittance. If you have any trouble finding us please call 0862368912. 


The studio is in the historic building of Pollexfen House associated with the poet W.B. Yeats.

Pollexfen House was designed by John Lynn, the local architect and erected in 1858. It served as the home and offices of Sligo Steam Navigation Company (later W & G.T Pollexfen Co.) This company was formed by Sligo millers William Pollexfen (Yeats maternal grandfather ) and William Middleton (Yeats great uncle & brother of Elizabeth Pollexfen, Yeats maternal grandmother).

A century ago the Pollexfens & Middletons were the largest ship owners in Sligo. Most of these ships went to Glasgow and Liverpool.

During the 1860’s this building also served as the Pollexfen’s family home. The Yeats family stayed here with the poet’s grandparents for periods prior to their move to Merville (now Nazareth House)

The tower on the roof was added by Yeats grandfather to enable the directors of the S.S.N Co. to keep a watchful eye on their ships arriving at and departing from the Sligo quays and enjoy the panoramic views of Sligo. Young Yeats’ own sailing boat would also often have been weaving amongst the vessels queing up to enter the docks.

“The Pollexfen-Middleton connection with the sea excited the young Yeats. The Yeats family would travel from England to Sligo by sea in one of the family owned vessels (either the S.S. Sligo or the S.S. Liverpool). As a boy, the young W.B. Yeats would often make the journey during school holidays on one of his grandfather’s vessels that sailed from Liverpool. He anticipated the voyages with great excitement and boasted joyfully to his schoolmates of the journey home to Sligo. He even developed a straight-legged sailor’s gait but concealed the fact that he was easily seasick. “

Though the journey took about 30 hours and was invariably an uncomfortable experience Yeats made this trip at least once a year.

The S.S.N. Co. Continued in business up until the 1960s when the dramatic drop in the port traffic caused it to be wound up. The building then became stores for the Western Wholesale Company Ltd. Since 1986 it has been owned and cared for by Gerard McCanny who operates a law firm from the  first floor.