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Actors head shots and C.V.

Below you will find some examples of good headshots for actors. Also here are links to clothing and make up tips and actors photo packages

Actor Headshot Photography Ireland by Suzy McCanny Photography & Fashion-Actor Headshot_photographer-_Sligo_Ireland

What makes a good actor’s head shot and why is is so important?

Your head shot is the first impression a casting director will have of you and their reference for their consideration process. Your headshot must be current and a true reflection of how you look. It has to reflect how you would look if you walked into their office to meet them and act as the blank canvas on which they will  paint the character whose role you would play.

Flattering lighting will compliment your features and simple posing help to portray your own character with out being distracting. Limited retouching is allowed to make the shot pop off the page and remove stray hairs etc but no fakery is used- it must represent the real you . A good actors head shot will be an accurate and  realistic representation of the subject. It won’t make them look younger or skinnier. It won’t make you look like someone else. When a casting directors table is scattered with the images of hopeful actors seeking a role you want yours to stand out. Having a professional photograph shows that you are serious about your career and that you will work in a professional manner.

Allan Head shot © Suzy McCanny

What does a casting director look for in your shot?

*They want to see your acting ability in just one shot

* The eyes: Focused intention in your eyes. Your eyes give you the opportunity to show the depth of your personality.

* A well lit, sharp clean image

*Your head shot must accurately portray the type of person the actor is

* The actor must look comfortable in their own skin

*No overly flattering photos which show an unreal depiction of the actor- Don’t try to hide freckles, wrinkles, moles or scars under heavy make up.

* No outdated photos

* No backyard, night out, in your kitchen type photographs. Photos must look professional

*Not too much skin. No excess cleavage and guys, keep your shirts on.

Here are some clothing & make up tips

To see our packages for actors headshots follow this link

Here is a sample c.v. It contains all the details that you need to provide to the casting director about you and your experience.

Here is a template for you to fill out to create your own c.v.

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