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Yeats Open Air Gallery Project

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Thank you for giving your time and creative energy to this project. We hope to create something that will be unique and memorable for visitors, a permanent art exhibit and a memorial to the tremendous work of W.B. Yeats.

What we ask of you

We ask that you collaborate with your assigned artist by choosing your favourite Yeats poem from which they will produce a piece of art to reflect your interpretation of the poem.

The pieces will be permanently erected on the outside of various premises on Wine Street, Sligo.

The following questions are designed to assist the collaboration between yourself and your artist. We want to help your artist visualise your selected Yeats poem in the way that you see it. The final artwork should not only reflect the poem that you have chosen but also your own connection with that poem.

We may also use quotes from these communications in promotion and sharing of the project.

*There is one poem that we have been asked not to use, as it was the inspiration for a landscape garden feature which is close by. This poem is the Sally Gardens. 

As the project develops we will also be marking off those poems chosen by other celebrities to avoid duplication. As there is such a vast selection of work to choose from, we hope this will not diminish your choice.