Marriage, Monogamy or Life in a Circus

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LGBT people aren’t asking for your lunch, your money or your kidney. We all grew up with the stereotypical fairytales where two people meet and fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Who cares if they are both brides or both grooms. It’s a hard world to survive in, to have someone to share this journey with is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Marriage signifies a personal commitment made by a couple to each other. LGBT couples are making meaningful life-long commitments to each other, lack of acknowledgement by law doesn’t make this commitment any less real it just denies them some basic legal rights. Rights were denied to Coloureds, to Jews, to Women, to the Irish at different points in recent history. May 22nd is another day where we will look back on all that came before and be surprised there was ever a time we allowed this inequality to exist.
If a person is seriously ill in hospital, visiting and release of information is often restricted to family only. Imagine you were lying ill and frightened in your hospital bed and your partner in life of 20 years wasn’t allowed to be by your side. If a person dies with out a will their belongings go to their next of kin. Without a legal marriage a life long partner could loose their family home and all the memories they’ve gathered there in the midst of the loss of their most loved one. How is this ok? It’s not. I want to be proud to live in a country where we celebrate the union of two souls who have found each other irrespective of their sexual preferences. It’s not my business if they choose marriage, monogamy or life in a circus. It’s their choice how they spend their life and what commitments they choose to make. I believe in my freedom to choose how I live my life and who I share it with. Don’t you?

There should be political, economic and social equality for all people with no bias based on sexual preferences. Why should anyone be marginalised by society because of who they love. I don’t have the right to dictate which couples in love should be allowed to marry. Do you?  Asking for Equality is not asking for much. I’m going to vote Yes. I hope you will too. 
If you are undecided and want to know more come along to the Model tonight at 8 and make up your own mind
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