The Artist’s Way

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by a diverse circle of creative friends. Whether luck has anything to do with it I’m not sure. I would have thought a few weeks ago that our love of all things creative and appreciation of artistic endeavours brought us together, I now think that maybe it is the encouragement and support that we all offer each other that allows us to be such a creative bunch.

I’m undertaking a journey with a few of these fine artistic folk. It’s a journey that can take you anywhere you want to go- literally or figuratively. It’s called The Artist’s Way. It’s a book and a plan. The book is an easy read of one chapter a week for 12 weeks and the plan, is to develop your creativity, say hello your artistic self, take your inner artist on a date (literally, a weekly date) and re-invigorate your creativity.

Our group consists of a myriad of talented people some of whom don’t imagine themselves to be traditionally creative and others who have crossed the divide & made their artistic skill into their profession. We have two writers, a handbag designer, a horticulturist, a surfer, two mums, two babies, 7 dogs, a cat and a handful of bemused husbands and boyfriends.

To start we have to commit to making time to work on our creativity. I already wish there were 14 more hours in every day and will confess I haven’t been the model of studious perfection I would like to be but I have adapted the process so far so that I can do it my way. It’s a very busy time of year for me so if I don’t have time to write my morning pages, I say them to myself on my way to work in the car. Instead of writing 3 pages of a stream of consciousness of the thoughts that flit through my mind in the morning I say what I would write, blabbering non stop until I reach my destination. It still feels like emptying the trash from my mind before I start my day and I tell myself that I can talk faster than I write, so really Im performing the task in a superior way ;-P

I’m finding this to be a fun and worth while experience so I thought it was worth recommending it to others here. It’s been around for quite some time and there are numerous references to it online. Parts of the book are written in a spiritual/ religious way- you can take or leave this aspect of it, what ever you believe, it’s not part of the core system. If you are a creative person or wish you were, this is a positive and helpful tool to grow your creativity whether you suffer from writers block or just need an excuse to take your inner artist on a date. Our weekly meetings are a catalyst for helping me to stay motivated and complete my weekly tasks on my way to creative enlightenment and I would definitely recommend forming a group of like minded individuals. Go get your creativity on!

Book Title: The Artist’s Way

Author: Julia Cameron

About me

My life and studies have been intertwined with art, fashion, photography and graphic design. These disciplines have created the artist/person I am today. All my studies and experience developed in me an understanding for fashion styling, creating images for publication and advertising as well as conveying meaning through visual media. If you want to create unique imagery for your brand, if you are proud of what you do and would like me to help you share it with the world, then get in touch :-)

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